A new-generation flying probe test system which offers unparalleled performance in its speed for tests, accuracy in positioning and wider coverage of test area.

The Takaya APT-1400F is developed solely for testing complex circuit boards or large quantities of circuit boards. The system comprises of 6 flying probes of which 2 of the vertical probes allows access to contact points that can’t be reached by other series of test machines.


Takaya flying probe tester APT-1400F-Systest Pte Ltd

There is no trade-offs between speed, reliability and long service life. There is a complete revision to the XY table designs and to the new mechanical design of the axes to optimize adaption to the high travel speed of the test probes. With the incorporation of the outstanding measurement unit and numerous innovative test algorithms, this results in significant increase of the test coverage on circuit boards areas.

Takaya flying probe tester APT-1400F working image-Systest Pte LTd

A Breakthrough in the 4-Heads & 6-Flying Probes System

Beside the standard four moving probes, The APT-1400F series incorporates another two Z-axis units (option) which allows either probe or IC-open test probe to move up and down vertically. This allows the vertical Z-axis units gain access to test points, which are difficult for the standard flying probes, and allows for the direct contact of the through-holes and the head of connector pins by using different types of probes, therefore increasing test coverage remarkably.


The APT-1400F series serves its customers with versatile option boards and software that achieves their particular needs, such as the LED color test system that measures hue, saturation and luminance of LED devices on the board under test, the component height test based on laser ranging, the Boundary testing, and the Functional testing. Also, the tester will have even more advantages to enhance its test coverage and speed up test although they are currently under development.

Takaya flying probe tester supports MES communication-Systest Pte Ltd
Takaya flying probe tester APT-1400F specifications table-Systest Pte Ltd

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